EDSG Is Committed To Youth Development And Empowerment, Wife Of The Governor Reiterates

Friday, June 01, 2018

EDSG Is Committed To Youth Development And Empowerment, Wife Of The Governor Reiterates

The Wife of the Executive Governor of Edo State, Mrs Betsy Obaseki has reiterated that Edo State Government is interested in empowering the youth through skills acquisition as a way  of preventing irregular migration among them.

Making this disclosure during a courtesy visit by members of the action aid and the Ideal Development and Resource Center (IDRC) at Government House in Benin City, the wife of the Governor commended members of the action aid and IDRC for the work they have done so far in ensuring that children and youths have a voice in the state, while recalling the role they played in making sure that the child rights law was passed.

Mrs Obaseki assured them that she will do all in her power to ensure that the youths who have been trained in basic skills by the organizations would be provided with a technology village where they can continue in their line of training after their graduation.

The wife of the Governor further commended the Action Aid and IDRC on the value chain support for female farmers the organizations have fostered in other states while assuring them that Edo State will readily partner with them if they brought such a plan to the state, as Edo has the intention of becoming the food basket of Nigeria through the production of all manner of crops which would be sold within and outside the state.

Mrs Obaseki intimated them on the plans of Edo State Government to focus on agriculture, pointing out that women have already started high and industrial capacity cultivation of cassava and pumpkin leaves while the forth coming monthly Edo farmers market was being organized by the Edo State Government in collaboration with the office of the wife of the governor and the Nigerian television authority(NTA) to ensure that women in the rural areas get a steady market for their crops and goods on a monthly basis.

“You have done a lot of work with our children but we need more work for our women one particularly I got to know you've done you've done which I find very interesting is the value chain support that you did with the female farmers I believe, where you supported them with production, processing, packaging, the whole value chain; that we need in Edo more than any other state do you know why? because this state is going to be the food basket of the nation. We have all the vegetation in Nigeria in Edo state we have the rainforest, we have the swamp, we have the savanna we even have small sahel, up north. There is nothing that can’t grow in Edo state that is why it is called the heartbeat of the nation. The potential of it being the heartbeat, you're going to see more and more of it in the coming years so much so that people will be coming to Edo state to buy food, and the people are very hardworking people strong women and men, entrepreneurs and women farmers.

There's a set of 3-5000 female farmers that we were planning to work with in producing pumpkin leaf for export we have another set of 300 or so young women, they were working on some specialized maize specie, so we have got them across the state”.Earlier in her address, Mrs Ene Obi, the county  director of Action Aid explained that the organization was aimed at providing youths with alternative opportunities to prevent irregular migration.

She intimated the wife of the Governor on the activities of the organization while informing her that two thousand youths had been trained by them in various fields like mechanics, tailoring, cobbling  among others as a way of encouraging the youths to shun irregular migration and make the best out of life here in Nigeria.

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