Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Remember the days of the popular SQ3R studying method for students?

Maybe it’s me, but I never found a way to go by that pattern. Again and again it failed even before I used it. Then I got thinking, and as a result, I came up with this modified reading pattern. It sequels the SQ3R, but its more elaborate and goal oriented.

Now enough of the boring talks let’s get down to business. In the next few lines I’m going to explain this new reading method.
This method is called SQSM2R, sounds goofy right? Relax, we just about starting...


Flip through the pages of the book. Let’s say if you wanted to read a physics textbook, just pick it up and go through the pages of the first chapter, let your eyes light up at important or emboldened words or lines of words. Identify sub-headings and briefly assimilate their meanings.


Use past questions if you have. Don’t worry if you couldn’t answer all the questions there. Just read it through and try to guess they correct answers through the options if there are options. In the case were there’s no past question, meet anyone who you think can help you and ask him or her questions concerning the topic, don’t speak just let him or him or her talk while you note the words he or she says. There are times when i could never grasp the meaning of a definition until I had someone else read it and explain it to me.


Now you are ready to study the passage. Not just reading, but studying. As you do intense studies, take notes. The best way to take note in my own opinion is paragraph by paragraph. When you read a paragraph try to understand what that passage is saying, apply the next key (M-meditate) if possible, then take your pen and write down you’ve understood from the paragraph. Its better if you don’t use the exert words as used in the passage, try to think up your own definitions and words as long as they hold the same the same contextual meaning with the original text.


Now you’re done studying a chapter, before you jump to the next chapter, take time to meditate on the chapter you just read. Don’t underestimate the power of visual imaginations try to meditate and imagine what your read. You can even spend up to an hour just meditating on a chapter. Men that came up with most of the concepts in science were successful as a result of intense meditation and thinking.
In your meditation you can even come up with different procedures of solving a problem aside the one used in the text.


After meditation, try to recall mentally what you read as written down word for word. This step in most cases could be skipped or merged with meditation. Try to mentally recall the formulas used and how they were used.


The last step is to repeat the whole process again. The number for times to repeat the steps depends on the discretion of the student, but a minimum of repetition once is advised. After the whole step twice or more, there is no way you can forget what you read, the repetition can also be done weekly or monthly depending on the effect wanted. Like as for myself, i repeat as much as once day everyday or one day interval.


To use this method you must be a much disciplined student patient, and you must have enough time at your disposal. This method cannot work for "fire-brigade"  readers or students. Though the time spent using this method is huge, the effect is very lasting. As a student using this method, you must have to start reading at the very beginning of the semester or term and you must set your goals for yourself..

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