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Uniben Online Clearance Procedures guide  for Freshers & New students  |New students Guide
For all those candidate that scored 50% and above I wish you a very big congratulation at least you have passed the first stage towards securing admission into the university of Benin, the next point for you would be Uniben online clearance, and for those candidates that did not  get up to the required Cut-off mark, my advice to you is to relax, be happy and don't let it discourage you, their is always a next time for improvement and always remember that it is not how far! but how well,their is always a light at the end of every tunnel. Read more word's of encouragement

This article will guide you on how to go about Uniben online clearance procedures and admission process,things to submit online and those to bring along with you during the physical clearance as Fresh student into 2018/2019 session.

What Is The Next Step Of Action After You Have Seen Your Post-Utme Result?

For all those candidates that has already seen their results and scored up to the required aggregate cutoff mark, and for those that are yet to check, So long you score far above your departmental aggregate cut offs Mark, then you won’t have any issue with uniben admission since they are transparent. You may not need to pay anyone or bribe to get admitted, All you have to do is to sit back , relax and wait for Uniben to release it's admission list.

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How To Go About Uniben 2018/2019 Online Clearance (Guide)

After you have been offered provisional admission into the university of Benin you can then proceed with Uniben online clearance.

Note that Uniben is very strick when it comes to clearance. That is to say, any slight mistake could may you lose your admission. It is very important you know the required documents.

Documents Required For UNIBEN 2018/2019 Online Clearance 

Below are the required documents needed for Uniben online clearance;
1. Birth certificate / age declaration (click Here)
2. UNIBEN Admission Letter
3. Original Jamb Admission Letter (click here for details).
4. Acceptance/Guarantor Letter
5. SSCE result/statements of Result
6. Affidavit of godconduct
7. Affidavit of non member of secret cult (Click Here)
8. Original JAMB Result Slip – with passport on it .
9. LGA of Origin Letter/Certificate

Uniben Online Clearance Procedures Guide for 2018/2019

1. Login into Uniben portal at https://www.uniben.edu,

2. click on student portal or click this link –> https://uniben.waeup.org/login

3. login with the username and password used for application and result checking.

4. Click on “Download application slip”.

5. Print it and take note of your ID. and Password.You will henceforth, use your ID and Password for subsequent login.

6. Login and print your provisional admission letter with your new details

7. Optional: You can change your password by clicking “change password” button and you can also change your email and phone number by using “Edit” button.

8. On the top Menu, click on “My data” select “Payment” option then click on “Add online payment ticket” button.

9. Select from the Payment Category, Acceptance Fee and click on “Create Ticket” button and then click the link under Payment ID.

10. View payment details by clicking the “College Pay” button and then click the “Submit” button to proceed with the payment through Interswitch payment gateway.

12. Select your ATM Card type: Verve or Master Card and supply the card details (card number, expiration date, 4-digit PIN etc) as required.

13.Then click on “PAY” button.

14. Note that Once your payment is successful, an acceptance slip will automatically appear on the screen.

15. Copy the “Clearance Activation Code” on the acceptance payment slip.

16. Click on “My Data” on the menu and select “Clearance data” option.

17. Enter your “Clearance Activation Code” to open your Clearance/Eligibility form.

18. Fill the Clearance/Eligibility Form appropriately.

19. Scan and upload the following documents above.

After that has been successfully done you can then submit and request for your physical clearance.(Note: ensure you cross check all the uploaded document before you submit and request for clearance).


Hope you find this article helpful (Uniben Online Clearance Procedures Guide For Freshers & new students 2018/2019 | New students Guide)

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  1. I am jonas maduabuchi24 November 2017 at 13:11

    Pls wich one is jamb original admission letter? and acceptance/guarantor's letter? Again, I am offered admission in uniben and I hv not paid my acceptance fee, school fee nd hostel fee, Pls if I do these things next week is it late? Will there still be accommodation 4 me in de hostel by next week? Won't they withdraw my admission bcs I hv nt paid my acceptance? Nd u said the school fees portal is closed for now, how then can I pay my school fees? Pls answer me Pls I need ur guid in these things Pls. My name is jonas I am admitted in comp engnr

    1. Sorry for the late reply, firstly you are required to pay your acceptance fee which will not be late even at the ending of this month, and the portal is now opened. once that has been successfully done you can then proceed to start your online clearance.

      For the jamb original letter, once you have accept your admission via jamb website, you would see a dialog box below which you can then print out your original jamb admission letter.

      As for the hostel, Uniben always Reserve hostel space for newly admitted students, so for now dont bother about that, because hostel application has not begin for newly admitted candidates, and if by any chance you are unable to secure hostel space you can equally buy from someone else....read https://www.flashrealities.com/2017/11/uniben-hostel-accommodation-SSQ-JSQ-DQ-School-Hostel-application.html

    2. Also I have finished an article on how to easily print out your original jamb admission letter....click on the link provided above on this post

  2. How long does it take to get physical clearance date because I've been waiting since last year December and school resumed today

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